What is Tilde Cancer?

Tilde Cancer is a disease caused by interaction with tildes. It is highly contageous and causes numerous symptoms that do nothing but make the infected suffer. Patients can take anywhere from 3 days to a month to die.

Sounds pretty terrible, right? Well, that's not the half of it.


-Thickening of the blood, potentially causing aneurysms and strokes
-Increased blood pressure due to rapid cell growth
-Flaking and drying of the skin on all layers, including those with nerves
-Loss of hair
-Loss of sight
-Intense tinnitus
-Powerful migranes
-Organ failure due to thickening of blood
-Seizures and loss of control over limbs
-Loss of appetite, nausea
-Severe bowel issues, including diarrhea and constipation
-Inability to comprehend surroundings
-Extremely violent, ill-tempered outbursts

What should I do if I'm infected?

Don't panic!

This is easily the most important part. If you find yourself suffering from the symptoms above, do not panic. Seek medical help immediately from an anti-tilde organization.

Find a source of carets immediately.

Carets are a very effective counter, and often cure you of the condition. How much you need depends on how you were exposed, and how many you came in contact with. Too many carets can cause your immune system to overreact. Get a suggested dose from an expert in Caretology and Tildology.

Keep yourself under careful maintenance.

Be careful to watch yourself for resurfacing symptoms, and immediately get yourself to an expert if they do resurface.

Do not interact with anyone else until you're absolutely sure you're cured!

The LAST thing we at tilde-truth want to happen is for someone else to contract this horrible disease. Quarentine yourself, call in sick for work, and avoid social gatherings until the symptoms have passed and you feel confident you can go out again.