The tilde is the ultimate evil. It goes under the guise of an ASCII character, but its origin is much more sinister. In 1941, Hitler and Stalin got together for one of their usual lovemaking sessions when Hitler brought up an invention of his. It would kill humans and manipulate positions of power to control everyone and bring about the end of the undesirables. Stalin stopped making love to Hitler immediately, calling him sick for killing everyone arbitrarily designated "undesirable", as a few of his leading officers were part of that designation! Hitler released the tilde horror to the world in 1951, and we still feel the impact it has today. Tildes even wrote, animated and staffed The Nutshack! Few know the true nature of the tilde. This site is to document the evil effects they have on the world today.

If you have been exposed to tildes recently, we at tilde-truth implore you to read this page. We only wish to see people healthy.

October 30th, 2016

Today, tildes were found in Donald Trump's bedroom sidetable. When he was asked about them, he told the reporter to "mind your own business". The media refuses to report on this, due to the quote-unquote "lack of newsworthiness" of a tilde affecting Trump's behavior, but here at tilde-truth, we will keep you updated as more information comes up.

November 8th, 2016

Evidence has surfaced showing evidence that tildes rigged the republican and democratic primaries to elect the two worst people in the entire U.S. The mainstream media refuses to report on this, but we at are not afraid to uncover the ultimate, evil truth regarding tildes. Donald Rump and Hillary Klingon refuse to comment on the support tildes have given them.

November 19th, 2016

Recent advances in cloning sciences have resurrected one Adolf Hitler with all of his memories. An interview was then conducted. Here is the most notable excerpt from the interview.

Anon: So my last question: What is your opinion on the tilde?
Adolf: I've dreaded being asked this question ever since I created them.
Adolf: They scare me. It's the only thing I've brought to fruition that I quickly grew to fear.
Anon: How so?
Adolf: My original plan was to only kill the undesirables. But they quickly grew beyond my control. I couldn't keep them contained. Thousands of my men died trying to keep them from spreading too much, but it was too late.
Adolf: Before I knew it, they were killing my people and no-one knew about it but me. I knew it was just a matter of time before they got to me. The men seizing my bunker were the least of my problems. They were coming for me. I killed myself before they had the opportunity.

Few have read the contents of the interview in their entirety, and this is one of the most overlooked parts of it. Please help inform the public of the tilde evil.

UPDATE: Tildes have murdered the clone of Hitler while he was working at his fast food job in Berlin. His corpse was filled with a toxic, corrosive solution rather than blood, which mystified those at the crime scene. This is a fluid that has come up in other crime scenes involving tilde exposers. We at know that they will never stop attacking those who oppose them. But we will stand strong regardless!

November 21st, 2016

Theologians claim to have discovered a new afterlife realm - Superhell, the realm tildes rule. Tildes are never killed, they are only banished to Superhell, where they rape and torture their supporters for all eternity. While tildes remain a horribly demented and evil race in Superhell, their rape and torture of souls who swore alligence to them is the only thing that keeps them from coming back to Earth.

This same claim was made by credible theologians of various religions all over the world on the same day. This is a terrible fate we wish for no-one to suffer. If you support tildes, please stop and reconsider your beliefs regarding tildes. Tildes oppose all sentient beings, organic and otherwise. Please save yourself.

November 27th, 2016

We have put off informing you for too long.

There is a being only known as "Alcaro" (possibly Adolf Cain Rapor) that is the most evil creature in the universe. He spams tildes to destroy the world. He is the largest supporter of tildes, donating $500,000,000 in one day to the Tilde Life Support Organization and engaging in human trafficking with them. This Swedish neonazi wishes to destroy every sentient lifeform in the universe just because.

He goes under the guize of a robot in Sweden. If you see someone in a poorly-built cardboard robot costume strolling down the streets of Stockholm or something, report him to the PAT immediately. Our Swedish operatives will take care of him. Thank you, and always oppose the ultimate evil.

January 14th, 2017

Excuse the hiatus. Many of our writers had been publicly executed by the "People Against Carets", and evil cult centered around hatred of carets and everyone discussing them. However, we at tilde-truth have been hard at work to find new information on tildes!

Today, we will be talking about the number one enemy of the human race: Alcaro. Recent finds have uncovered his true nature as an artificially constructed consciousness inside of an organic body, including the official documents surrounding his creation. You can read them here.

Again, thank you for being patient during our hiatus! We now have new writers and are ready to supply you with new information to fight the tilde menace once again. Check in often for new entries!

January 19th, 2017

An unexpected discovery was made in the past month.

When a caret is exposed to temperatures below 0°C/32°F, it will rapidly expand its power over the next 10 minutes, capping out at 4x the power. This also applies to the artificially enhanced supercarets, meaning a single supercaret can potentially eliminate a group of 8 tildes at one time before requiring a cooldown period.

This new discovery will doubtlessly help immensely in the fight against tildes, especially with caret population increasing as rapidly as they are. The dream of destroying the tilde race is now within our grasp, and we can live with the hope that we grow closer!

January 30th, 2017

A sickening discovery was made in northern Africa recently.

A tilde base of operations was uncovered, and what was found within was revolting. There were bodily fluids everywhere and the place stunk of corpses. They had flushed the place out of operatives, but left the evidence of their work.

Documents were left on the computer, presumably to taunt us.

They had kidnapped dozens of families, forced them to copulate, and raped the inbred children to death afterwards. After they died, they tore the bodies apart and feasted on them.

Whenever enough of the family died to the point they could no longer produce children, they killed them and piled them into a corner. Eventually, "a corner" turned into "the whole floor" and the disease killed the families off sooner. Which they liked, because it meant they had fresher "meat" more often.

This is just a small sample of the atrocities tildes commit on a daily basis, and brag about. Supporting tildes is supporting these awful acts. If you support them, please reconsider your stance.

February 11th, 2017

Our spies have been working on something big. It's still under wraps, but I'm sure all you tilde opposers will be very happy when you find out what it is!

The people responsible for assisting tildes with sex trafficking - including the above incidents - have been identified. 36 of the reported 71 have been arrested and are undergoing trial as this is written. Knowing that these horrible, horrible actions are finally getting punished brings a smile to every worker at tilde-truth, and we hope it does to you too!

In addition, the search for the infamous "Alcaro" goes on. Reports of his location are conflicting and contradictory, leading to suspicion that he has doubles he sends out to fake out our spies. We haven't been able to strike yet, but once we do, we can guarantee that he will be prosecuted for his terrible crimes.

Once again, we'd like to thank our supporters for funding everything this site needs to stay up. You are invaluable to the anti-tilde movement and we couldn't have done any of this without you. Thank you so much, and never forget - the tildes are your enemy!

February 17th, 2017

The People Against Tildes foundation have a special message to deliver! Since we are the leading source of pro-caret news, they approached us first as the carriers of this news. Here's what they have to say:

We've finally put our plan into action. Step one in eradicating the tildes is complete, and our plans for step two are being finalized as I type this.

First, we fired 4 nuclear Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles at seperate tilde bases. We knew full well they had been testing the effects of radiation on tilde spawners, so sending nukes at their bases to make them think we're hostile, but incompetent, was the first part of misleading them.

Next, our spies raided the tildes - who now had their guard down - destroying their other bases with kilitons of plastic explosives, then manually destroying any tildes and tilde spawners with supercarets (including the bases we nuked). Having done this, we quickly retreated. We approximate we destroyed 40,000,000 tildes and 500 tilde spawners in the process. This is joyous news to all of the anti-tilde warriors. The tilde cancer grows ever closer to extinction, and carets will ultimately prove to be the superior accent. Once again, thank you for your monetary and verbal support for all these months! We couldn't appreciate it more.

-People Against Tildes

We can't believe we've come this far - from being a minor front to a massive military power. It's said we're going to be accepted into the United Nations - a feat even the tildes couldn't accomplish! And, to all of our readers, thank you for reading. We'll have more news on the wars against the scourge of humanity as it comes.

February 17th, 2017

An unusual event has been occuring here in the war against tildes. An extremist neonazi polytheistic cult known as the Church of Y'dlf H'tlr continues to grow as the members of the People Against Tildes and our staff at tilde-truth continue to get roped into it.

Members hold that the true being of ultimate power (named Y'dlf H'tlr, though he is also known as The One Held by the Earth) will cleanse the earth of impurities. His seal, which we live on and call Earth, is being corrupted by J'sph St'lin, leading to the creation of tildes and all the other evils. While the seal is being corrupted, it's said that if the seal is broken before Y'dlf himself is corrupted, the world will be spared and cured of evil. This is the objective of the Church of Y'dlf H'tlr.

In order to free Y'dlf, they perform daily sacrifices and appeals to the god. These are mostly animal sacrifices, but they will occasionally sacrifice one of their members if they are particularly insistent - they will never sacrifice unwilling people, only the most adamant. If they show the slightest hesitation at any point, the ceremony will be called off. They believe that when any creature is sacrificed to Y'dlf H'tlr, they are absorbed into his being and increase his power - which will ultimately lead to the breaking of the seal.

They believe that Adolf Hitler's work was the closest the world has ever gotten to the seal being broken. Hitler was an adamant believer of H'tlrism, sacrificing millions of people in concentration camps to The One Held by the Earth. Although the cult initially captured and executed people, in the 1960s it was revised due to the high priests of the church claiming that willing sacrifices were better accepted than unwilling.

Although The One Held by the Earth is the primary focus of their studies, J'sph St'lin and C'thulhu are involved in their mythos, with Y'dlf H'tlr being sealed by the Two Sealers out of concern for the universe despite his altruistic behavior - because of it, in the case of the former. Zeus is believed to have created the universe and then been killed by Y'dlf for attacking humans, but the rest of the greek Pantheon is not involved.

They do believe, however, that tildes are evil. This is the one factually verifiable nugget about their religion, however it's not integrated as fact - it's integrated religiously. Tildes were originally created by J'sph and Zeus. Zeus contacted J'sph for ideas for the universe, and created what J'sph suggested. When he found out that they were evil beyond all comprehension, Zeus was extremely mad and lashed out at J'sph. The tildes prayed to J'sph, and he tore out Zeus' eye before eating it, restraining him enough that he couldn't uncreate the tildes - leading them to breed and nearly drive the humans to extinction.

Their religious text is the Book of Seals, containing their mythos and core beliefs. There are no online copies, due to it being a largely underground cult, but we will have our teams transcribe it when possible.

The only reason we are telling you this so you won't get roped into their bizarre beliefs and strange practices. You may share one belief with them, but their others do not line up with yours. Eventually, you will be completely assimilated, and as some of their beliefs conflict with ours, you will ultimately be unable to fight against the tildes. Please understand that we only want the tildes to be eradicated for the safety of humanity, not to adhere to the practices and beliefs of some religion. Always stay faithful to the cause, and never stop opposing the enemy of humanity!

March 19th, 2017

The new holocaust has begun.

Alcaro and a team of brainwashed, genetically modified monstrosities recently attacked the People Against Tildes Foundation's base of operations in Hell, Chicago. While they were slaughtering members of our organization, they raped everyone and everything they could get their hands on - including 4 dozen carets in captivity. Of the 283,000 carets we had stored up, less than 139,000 remain.

Alcaro, led his monstrosities straight to our leader. Our leader has become totally invulnerable to the effects of tildes (at the cost of the healing effects of carets), meaning he took down the tilde-powered creatures easily. This is what he has to say about the raiders.

The leader of the pack, obviously, was Alcaro. We all know what he looks like, he's a green and yellow hedgehog thing with a little red flower on his head. But the creatures behind him were something else...The first was a pink, fleshy creature, with its vertibrae piercing through the skin on its back. It had three arms, the third of which was located at the base of its spine, and four sets of eyes all over its head. Its jaw was twice as big as a normal human jaw, and had two packed sets of sharp teeth.

The second was a thing covered in thick black hair on every inch of its skin. It had four bony "wings" portruding from its back, and ten fingers on each hand. It technically didn't even have legs - it used its hands to walk, and its "wings" to interact with its surroundings...It had two noses and three eyes on its face, and a mouth on its neck. This mouth was far closer to a human mouth...I still have the bite marks on my left arm.

The third was so alien to me, I zoned out whenever I tried to look at it...All I can recall is that it was colored red and vomited acid, which severely burnt a portion of my right arm.

I had to fight off all three at once. While their tilde toxins didn't affect me, I still got gashed, scratched and burnt by them pretty bad, and my invulnerability to carets makes it all the harder to recover. I know that my fellow anti-tilde warriors do not have the invulnerability to them that I do, so if you encounter creatures similar to the ones I have described, please run and grab someone who IS invulnerable to their attacks. It could very well save your life, because lord knows I nearly lost mine.

Even our leader had trouble standing up to their dangerous new weapons. Our scientists have also expressed doubt that even our strongest attacks will be effective against these creatures. Please be aware, we need all the help we can get to defeat the tildes and continue our research on carets. If you can volenteer to support our scientific efforts, our military power, or even tilde-truth, contact us. We can work it out. In the meantime, this is tilde-truth, signing off once again. Never stop opposing the great enemy.

May 19th, 2017

Pardon our continued absence. We've been extremely busy at work defeating the tilde menace, and we are closer than ever. However, we have had a few setbacks, and unfortunately, tildes are gaining public support due to slander and obscruction of truth campaigns launched by the tildes.

Our first setback was that our primary base of operations was attacked in mid April, with 40 of our 526 staff members being kidnapped and forced into tilde sex slavery. On top of that, 28 staff members were killed, and 164 staff members were injured in the assault. Our 5 blog writers were killed and kidnapped, so we've been struggling to find replacements for them.

Our second setback was that, earlier this week, we discovered a mole among our higher-ups who leaked top-secret information to the tildes on a weekly basis since February. This explains why many of our attacks in late April were failing, and we have had a much higher success rate in our raids after discharging him from the company. We will not disclose his name, as we here at tilde-truth believe in the sanctity of life, but it's unlikely the tildes will keep him alive for long.

Finally, we lost 2 months of data in a cyber-attack orchestrated by the tildes and their supporters just 2 weeks ago. We have been struggling to recreate and recover the data we lost. However, despite all this, we have largely gotten back on our feet and are ready to encounter the tildes once more.

Recently, we uncovered footage of an interview between Alcaro and The New York Times from 2009, which was "mysteriously lost" due to "unknown circumstances" before it could be leaked to the public. We found it in a landfill in southern Mexico, which also contained the soiled corpses of sex slaves and those who knew too much. We are working on transliterating its contents and returning it to The New York Times after making a quick digital backup. In the meantime, here is an excerpt:

Interviewer: So, what are your thoughts on racism, particularly in light of Obama's recent election as president?
Alcaro: The fact that those disgusting coal-skinned lizards have been left alive, let alone given power, is utterly repulsive.
Interviewer: What the hell?
Alcaro: Oh, come on. Don't tell me you're honestly stupid enough to think otherwise.
Alcaro: The Jews are the same way, the greedy bastards have been stealing from society for millenia. We should have let the Holocaust take its course instead of stopping the Nazi Party's rightful course of action.
Interviewer: I have to go-
Alcaro: No you don't, get back here! We're not done with the review yet, you filthy cuck!

We hope this sheds light on the true nature of the tildes, and will help the public reconsider their support of tildes. See you next article!

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